Getting all sorta kinda maybe modern ...

First Monday in September ... yeah ... right!!! »

Smart Assembly Versionning

Or should I say ... just not as dumb as I usually am! :wink: »

EF6 "No ConnectionString" exception

From the Department of Grrrrrrrrr :rage: »

EF6->SQL Server Table-Valued Parameters

When Papa Bear (bulk load) is too big and Baby Bear (row-by-row) is too small ... Mama Bear is just right!!! :smile: »

EF6 'per object' deployment (Part 2)

What's that you say Lassie? Timmy fell down the old well? AGAIN?!?!?! :wink: »

EF6 'per object' deployment (Part 1)

Four more versions ... and MS might just have something!!! :wink: »

OneNote 2013 with multiple accounts

I like OneNote … I really like OneNote … »

Ordered Tuple

How to guarantee ordered uniqueness in horizontally-scalable applications in 41 lines of code (not counting comments :wink:) »

Allo? Allo? Can anyone hear me?

So I've decided to create a blog. Yippee! :wink: »