In this day and age ... an "About" page?
Can we not get just a tad bit more creative than that?!?!?

No ... we cannot.

Mr. Unconditional has more important things to do! :sunglasses:

... So too we are dwarfs astride the shoulders of giants. We master their wisdom and move beyond it.
:boom: Isaiah di Trani ben Mali (the Elder) (c. 1180 – c. 1250) :boom:

A recurring aphorism present throughout my professional career is embodied in the quote above, to wit, I'm only as creative as those that trod the path of discovery before me, leaving footprints clear enough for even this simpleton to follow!!!

Where possible - (by virtue of either direct attribution or sufficient recollection to provide trace to the source!!!) - I will endeavor sincerely to give credit where credit is due.

In the event that I fail, please please please reach out and give me an opportunity to correct the record.


In spite of my generally crass bad attitude ... it would be truly ungentlemanly of me to not give credit to the following individuals and companies for creating the wizardry which enables this blog: