Getting all sorta kinda maybe modern ...

First Monday in September ... yeah ... right!!!

Rather than enjoy the last few days of warm summertime weather ... I decided to spend a chunk of time this weekend converting to a new Blogging platform.

Step 1: Figure out which one to go with ... :wink:

I'd been hearing all kinda good things about Ghost; I admire the heck outta the intent behind the product and - as an added bonus! - it's simple enough for even this simpleton to simply figure out!

I first stumbled on Ghost way back in March, started playing around in earnest in May, but it never rose above back-burner status since then. With no other interesting plans for this long weekend ... I figured it was either now or never.

As with most other blogging platforms, theme/skin customization is really important. Ghost is well on the way to being competitive with the other platforms, to the point that making the decision to switch-over was far Far FAR easier than deciding what theme to go with!

And as every designer I have ever worked with will tell you ... don't let Sam near the front-end, you'll want to poke out your own eyes!!!

Sure ... whatever ... yeah ... right ... I have only one word in response:


(Hey! I see you counting!!! The hyphens make it one long word, m'kay??? :sunglasses:)

The mnml theme I selected is easy on my tired ol' eyes, and seeing as most of the page views will be coming from my own IP address ... at the end of the day that is what is truly important! :smirk:

Jest aside, one of the cool things I was able to implement was support for emoticons. I swear I spent less time converting the content to Markdown than I did scrubbing the old posts and converting the errant ;-} and 8-} and 8-{ and :-] to real true images. Go figure! ;-]

Unfortunately, all was not perfect in conversion-land. :cry:

In for a penny, in for a pound ... I also converted to using Disqus as the commenting engine. Alas ... all prior comments are no longer available.

If you are reading this, and we previously had a profound conversation about this ... that ... and the other thing via the old comments system ... I apologize, but those electrons are floating free off towards Pluto never to be seen again. :hushed:

Wanna know THE only good thing about having 42 hours a day of work that somehow needs to be shoehorned into a measly 24???

It's gonna be a long while before I do something like this again!!! :wink:


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