OneNote 2013 with multiple accounts

I like OneNote … I really like OneNote …

Hey! I can't be the only one, can I?!?!? :wink:

Along with the other 19 current OneNote users ... I recently started getting prompted with the following pop-up notice:


I'm a good little minion ... drinkin' a belly full of the Redmond Kool-Aid ... so naturally I click "Upgrade Now".

That's when the trouble started!!! :wink:

Mister Unconditional is a busy guy, with lots of different Microsoft accounts, each of them potentially linked to multiple online OneNote notebooks.

Repeat after me: Recipe for Disaster!!! :scream:

Since the upgrade process only asked for single credentials, I only got the notebooks associated with that account.

Addled that I am ... I remember going through a similar upgrade from 2007 -> 2010 but distinctly recall being able to locate my missing notebooks by just attempting to "Open" them:


Clicking on the highlighted link displayed the standard OneDrive sign-in screen, which lead to the various Office365 online apps of which one is OneNote which after selecting displayed a list of all known notebooks from which one can be chosen displaying it in a browser and from where an "Open in OneNote" link can be clicked that will connect the online notebook to the local OneNote installation. Easy!!! :smile:

Unfortunately ... OneNote 2013 doesn't work that way. :sob:

After much teeth-knashing, cloth-rending, and hand-wringing ... I figured out that the solution is to edit your account and add a new “service”.

From the "File" menu, select "Account", which presents something similar to:


Click on the "Add a service" link, choose "Storage" and then "OneDrive":

This will present the standard OneDrive sign-in screen where you can enter your credentials and if successful, a second "Connected Service" reference will be displayed.

At this point, go back to the "Open" menu and in the "Open from other locations" area, a second OneDrive location will be available from where other notebooks can be selected and opened:


Once a notebook is added this way, the "additional service" credentials will be cached and automated sync will work.



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